Welcome to Intergy!

Intergy is a vertically integrated energy company, spanning its operations across power generation, wholesale, and retail markets. Intergy has interests in both gas and electricity across several markets in Australia.

Fuel Mix

Power generation sources continue to diversify across the industry and Intergy are no different here. People in the industry understand how important it is to always have reliable baseload power available to prevent outages. Equally, growth in renewables are paramount and of keen public interest. Intergy’s interests in both renewable and non-renewable electricity generation sources are important to understand as the transition is rapidly taking place in society and further disruption is likely.

Spot Price and Demand

As a power generator and energy retailer, Intergy must participate in the wholesale electricity market as a buyer and seller. Price and demand are key signals to optimise opportunities in the market, and the trading team require near to real time information that is easy to absorb to reduce risk.

C&I Customer

Commercial and industrial (C&I) customers consume much higher volumes of electricity and gas. C&I contracts are often based on agreed volumes of electricity or gas with a minimum amount a customer must consume within the contracted period. This is known as a take or pay agreement. Intergy needs to keep a close eye on consumption for each customer and inform them if there are any concerns of a shortfall.

Customer Numbers & Customer Churn

Intergy has a large retail customer book in the hundreds of thousands. The energy market is very competitive, where customers often switch from one energy retailer to another. Therefore, it’s important to keep a close eye on Intergy’s customer numbers over time and churn rates.

Aged Debt

Intergy’s financial operations need effective visibility across so many customers. Its vitally important to understand the customer debt profile, in order to ensure cash flows and liabilities are maintained.